If you are reading this, we are probably about to shoot some nudes. Because I like to make my work as transparent and straightforward as possible, I find some things and discussions crucial to make our cooperation clear. Here I prepared some guidelines to let you know what I expect and how can we collab. Please, read them carefully and make sure not to skip any of them.

For details related to nudity itself read MAke it naked where I describe and categorize nude photos.

For non-nude collaborations follow these guidelines as well.


Let me know who you are and set basic expectations. 
  • portfolio (links, agencies, experience)
  • Photos (for non models/beginners it means 15-20 natural and unedited photos of your body and face)
  • Basics about you (things you are good at, measurements and your expectations)
Brands/designers/other creators (MUAs, Stylists, etc.):
  • portfolio (your services/products)
  • Basics about you (expectations, ideas, conditions/budget) 
KEEP IN MIND I do not consider Instagram as an actual portfolio. It is nice to share but all those materials should be independent and with a good quality. also photos should not be old (24 months max).


The very first step that we need to discuss are ideas.
The clearer the vision is, the easier it is to get done.
Creativity is unlimited, but these questions need to be answered:
  • What is the idea and the motivation?
  • What kind of nudity are we going to shoot? (READ MY MAKE IT NAKED where I describe nudity)
  • Where do we want to display it?
Some ideas might be great and work out pretty well, but you should also consider some unpleasant consequences of shooting nudes. As much as nudity is normal, some people still might get triggered by it. It is sad to mention, but stalkers, coomers and bad rumors can be pretty common, which is not only annoying but mentally draining.
You should also keep in mind that most social media consider nudity problematic and often set it aside or directly ban it (in other words, they can restrict/ban your profile too).
For non nude collabs – brands/creators:
Describe your idea, use moodboards and make clear what you can offer and what do you expect. Also mention under what conditions should we work (f.e. barter, budget, contracts etc). For further details there will be created a special page with all the specifics.


Because you are the one who is going to be naked in the photos, it is important to take care of certain things beforehand, such as:
  • Make-up & hair
  • Accessories (jewelry)
  • Body modifications (tattoos, piercings)
  • Body condition (clean diet)
  • Signing a model release contract
Preparation is an inseparable and crucial step of our journey, and the things listed above are details that get underestimated quite often. Make sure that your body is in overall good condition. You are the one who tells the story, after all.
The last step of preparitions is signing a model release contract. This part is super important and also an inseparable part of all professional photoshoots. A model release form is a contract that outlines the agreement between the model and the photographer. Also, a signed model release contract is needed for publications where personality rights or privacy rights would otherwise be infringed.


This step is pretty easy because usually, the biggest part is up to me, but it can sometimes be difficult to handle and time correctly. Because most of my photoshoots are made with natural light, it is good not to underestimate it and be flexible with timing. An average photo shooting with preparing takes approximately 3-4 hours.

V. say my name

The work is done. Now it is time to show it off. This may not necessarily mean that you have to display it everywhere, but it is essential to keep the outcome linked to you and the other creators, if you decide to share the photos on your social channels. So make sure that the displayed photos transparently link to us.
Please, make sure to follow the crucial steps listed below:
  • Tagging and mentioning cooperators of the photos on your social media. (Photographer, makeup artist, hairstylist, etc.)
  • If you provide those photos (for public use) to someone else (company, agency, partner), these rules apply to them as well.
The amount of time and energy put into these photoshoots would, without proper mentionings, go to waste. Correctly mentioned and tagged content is a crucial part of our cooperation. It also makes the content more difficult to steal.


Gellert Grayton (Flex)
+420 774 077 666
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